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Mountain Workshops

I just spent a week as a writing coach at Mountain Workshops 2010. Here’s how the program’s web site describes them:

As leaves fall annually the Mountain Workshops draw a team of dedicated teachers and determined learners to a small Kentucky town, where together they explore the richness of community, the beauty of landscape, and the possibilities and challenges of visual storytelling. In 2010 the gathering place for the 35th workshops is Elizabeth, Ky., in Hardin County.

The Photojournalism Workshop focuses on still photography, as coaches and participants explore individual character, the give and take of relationships, the deeply-felt sense of belonging to a place and the pride of participating in a shared heritage.

The Picture Editing Workshop draws on the design sensibilities and electronic publishing expertise of its coaches to help participants learn to weave photographs and text together into memorable narratives.

The Multimedia Workshop challenges participants to gather still images, record sound and shoot video, and then use cutting-edge digital and online tools to spin all these threads into stories that captivate.

This year, for the first time, students could win a scholarship for writing the best story to accompany their photography. Two of the students I worked with, Caitlyn Greene and Arkasha Stevenson, were finalists. Kasha won.

You can see the stories here.

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